Fund for Innovation in Nutrition (FIN)


Makes 3yr investments in a select group of 3-4 promising programs that seek to increase the consumption of nutritious foods amongst people who are at high risk of being nutritionally insecure and/or who have chronic health conditions related to nutrition.


We fund promising initiatives that seek one or more of the following objectives:

  1. Increase people's motivation to consume nutritious food
  2. Increase knowledge and skills to prepare/consume nutritious food
  3. Increase access to diverse, cost-effective, and nutritious food sources

FIN invests in the capacity of the selected entities to grow and sustain their models, with a focus on their particular needs, evaluation of their programs and the development of resources.







Nutritional Security Innovation Incubator



Provides the opportunity to develop sustainable work plans for ideas that promote nutritional security in PR.


The organizations selected to participate in the incubator will have between 6-8 sessions to work on:


• Theory of Change

• Logical Models

• Feasibility Models

• Implementation Plan

• Development Plan

• Value Proposal


Each cohort concludes the program with a pitch day aimed at investors willing to invest in change models. In addition, up to (4) organizations will be chosen (the same day) by a jury to be provided with a small grant.


**Incubator alumni become eligible for the Fund for Innovation in Nutrition





Action Network for Nutritional Security



Network of organizations and social entrepreneurs that are working on different aspects of nutritional security in Puerto Rico.


The purpose of the Action Network is to strengthen the network of organizations that seek to increase their impact where they will be provided:


• Connections with different resources

• Technical assistance

• Opportunity to collaborate with other organizations or programs

• Support to implement better practices


Members of this network will have access to:


• Information on philanthropic and government grant opportunities

• Free access to Nutriendo PR events

• The opportunity to submit a challenge to be worked on collaboratively in "The Lab"**



**Coming Soon







Equity in Nutrition and Health Series


Series of virtual and face-to-face events with the goal of starting the conversation around the topic of nutritional insecurity in Puerto Rico through research, policy, promising practices in Puerto Rico and elsewhere.


We seek to convene a network of interested entities that eventually participate in other Nutriendo PR programs. These events are open to any entity or individual interested in being part of our network.


Moderator: Uriyoan Colón Ramos, Professor at George Washington University, School of Public Health - Milken Institute


Panel #1 Opportunities and resources to promote Nutritional Security in Puerto Rico: Watch here.

Panel #2 Successful models for addressing Nutritional Security: Watch here.


Summit (In-Person Event) – Soon to be announced






El LAB (Coming in 2023)


It seeks to bring stakeholders together to solve problems and collaborate around systemic challenges and organizations.

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