Theory of Change

Our THEORY OF CHANGE  helps us set the path between our actions and the systemic change we wish to forge through our work.

We believe that…

  • Investing in the capacity of promising models
  • Facilitating a network of actors that can contribute to solutions that address nutritional security
  • Advocating for the nutrition aspect to be prioritized within food security

Will lead to:

  • Effective & established models to address nutritional security in Puerto Rico
  • Organizations that have the capacity to SUSTAIN these models
  • A consensus on the importance of addressing nutritional insecurity in Puerto Rico
  • An increase in collaborations and coalitions to strengthen nutrition security
  • An increase on available private and public resources to address nutrition security effectively

Which will result in:

  • The expansion of services and programs aimed at strengthening nutrition security in vulnerable communities
  • Public policies that promote nutritional security

This leads us to realize our vision of a Puerto Rico where people have a diet that optimizes their health and well-being.

And this will result in more people in Puerto Rico having access to effective programs that increase:

  • The motivation to eat nutritious food
  • The knowledge and skills to prepare and consume those foods
  • The resources needed for individuals to have access to healthy food
  • The diversity and quantity of affordable and nutritious food sources

Which will result in an INCREASE IN THE CONSUMPTION OF HEALTHY FOODS, having an impact on the health of individuals in the following way:

  • Reduction of health conditions that limit function, quality of life, and are costly
  • An increased sense of well-being and productivity

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